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  spring 2005
mwf 10.10 - 11
lab t 4 - 4.50
on the internet, nobody knows you're a dog  
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week 13, lab 9 (4/19)
in review:
we looked at some basic suggestions on how to prepare a poster or a slide presentation today. the handout was based on material assembled from several websites, among them for posters and for slides
today's handout
week 12, semantic fieldwork (4/15)
in review:
today we went through the basics of lisa matthewson's article on semantic fieldwork. it's a great article, and you should definitely look at the things we didn't cover. more on what we did today is on today's handout on semantic fieldwork. come talk to us about how to apply this to your project.
lisa matthewson's article on semantic fieldwork
today's handout
week 12, lab 8 (4/12)
in review:
how to construct a questionnaire
useful materials:
week 11, lab 7 (4/5)
in review:
quantifier lab
venn diagrams work sheet
week 10, lab 7 (3/29)
in review:
pragmatics lab  
week 9, lab 6 (3/22)
in review:
compositional semantics lab 1
try to work through the example we did in the lab by yourself. could you do it? if so, can you finish monday's example?
semantic composition one crib sheet
week 8 (3/15)
no lab this week due to springbreak. have a good time, come back safe.  
week 7, lab 5 (3/8)
in review:
we had a lab session despite snow – charades day though. in this week's lab you invented your own pidgin ... (more)
week 6 (3/1)
no lab this week due to the snow. (umass closing status)
the take homes are due on wednesday then (3/2).
(answers to relation exercises)
(answers to set exercises)
(PtMW chapter 1)
(PtMW chapter 2)
week 5, lab 4 (2/22)
in review:
okay. so today we actually got to do the searches and explored the childes options in detail. try to do some searches yourself, and let me know if you encounter problems.
also, there are some answers to the relations exercises that we did in last weeks lab.
answers to relation exercises
childes step-by-step
childes website
about the data (doc/pdf)
download/browse data
clan program
clan manual
week 4, linguistic data/childes acquisition database (2/18)
in review:
today we looked at sources for linguistic data, and here in particular at corpora, collections of text or speech. we looked at the childes database that has lots of data from children who are learning language. you can look at the files containing the data by hand, they are plain text files, or you can use the clan program which has lots of build in functions that help you search words and strings, count things, and extract other information. we'll look at it in more detail on tuesday.
childes website
about the data (doc/pdf)
download/browse data
clan program
clan manual
linguisic data slides
week 4, lab 3 (2/15)
in review:
this week we started to look at the things we can do with the ordered pairs ... (more)
  • read PtMW ch. 2, 2.1 - 2.3
exercises on relations and functions
PtMW chapter 2
week 3, lab 2 (2/8)
in review:
we did mostly exercises about the things we covered last week. the three new things ... (more)
  • read PtMW ch. 1
  • start reading PtMW ch. 2, 2.1 - 2.3
set theory exercises
answers to the exercises
PtMW chapter 1
PtMW chapter 2
week 2, lab 1 (2/1)
in review:
in the first lab session, we started to look at set theory. we won’t need ... (more)
  • start reading PtMW ch. 1
  • if you get through ch. 1 ok, you can start PtMW ch. 2, 2.1 - 2.3
  • PtMW ch. 3 is completely optional, we won't talk about it
Barbara Partee, Alice ter Meulen, and Robert Wall (1987): Mathematical Methods in Linguistics. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.
week 1
    first week, no lab sesseion