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teaching activities:

at mit (all class materials on stellar - if you’re interested, contact me for syllabi and materials):

language & structure iii: semantics and pragmatics (spring 2011)


at msu (all class materials on angel - if you’re interested, contact me for syllabi and material):

introduction to psycholinguistics (fall 2008, fall 2009)
introduction to cognitive science (spring 2009, spring 2010)
seminar in semantics - quantification (spring 2009)
introduction to linguistics (fall 2008, spring 2009, fall 2009, spring 2010)


at umass amherst:

introduction to linguistics
(fall 2007, spring 2007, fall 2006, spring 2006)
ta-ing for john kingston’s people and their language (spring 2008)
ta-ing for lisa selkirk’s language and diversity in the us (fall 2005)
ta-ing for angelika kratzer’s introduction to semantics (spring 2005)
ta-ing for chris potts’ introduction to linguistics. section website (fall 2004).

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