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++ dissertation

jan anderssen (2011). quantification, misc. ph.d thesis. university of massachusetts amherst.


++ papers

jan anderssen (2006). generazlied domain widening überhaupt. in proceedings of the 25th west coast conferenc on formal linguistics (wccfl 25). edited by donald baumer, david montero, and michael scalon. cascadilla proceedings project, somerville. pp. 58-66. (bibtex)

uli sauerland, jan anderssen, and kazuko yatsushiro (2005). the plural is semantically unmarked. in linguistic evidence. empirical, theoretical and computational perspectives. edited by stephan kepser and marga reis. de gruyter, berlin. pp. 409-430. (bibtex)


++ handouts/posters

telescoping. slides from a talk given at johns hopkins university. apil 28, 2008.

lauter überlegungen. handout from the 2007 berlin funny indefinites workshop. zas and humboldt universitšt berlin, july 6-7, 2007.

one too? the meaning of english plural morphology. slides from a general audience talk for the umass interdepartmental graduate student colloquium series. umass amherst, decmber 8, 2005.

überhaupt modifies contextual variables. handout from a presentation at the southern new england workshop in semantics (snews). uconn, october 22, 2005.

quantifier binding across sentence borders (handout)(poster, original size). experimental work presented as a poster at cuny 2004. university of maryland, march 25-27, 2004

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