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class meets mwf 11:15–12:05, machmer w-22
office hours tu 12–2 and by appointment, south college 305

materials from class so far


hi guys, sorry i just saw that the website didn't get updated. here are copies of all the homeworks (1, 2, 3 from before) the revised version of 3, a sample solution to it, and number 4.

readings, more sounds, new homework


here are the readings on phonetics (#1, #2) and a link to the ucla phonetics lab webpage - they have lots of recordings of different sounds from all over the world. check out the ipa chart and examples of more uncommon sounds (we looked at some of those in class). lastly, here is a copy of the third homework, due next wednesday. let me know if you have questions about it.



today we started to look at consonants. here's a flash consonant chart that shows you the ipa consonant symbols, along with the name of each symbol, and the articulatory description of the associated sound. you can use it to explore the symbols. you can also click on each symbol to hear the sound in a variety of environments.
i'll post the readings from today a little later (still have to scan them).

homework #2


sorry, forgot to post the second homework assignment here, but i hope all of you got a copy in class. it's due on wednesday (feb. 14).

homework #1


here's the first homework assignment, due next wednesday (feb. 7).

syllabus and first reading


here are the materials from today – the class syllabus and Steven Pinker's lecture (required reading), as well as further background in this chapter of Words and Rules (optional reading).

hi and welcome to linguistics 201


hi. this is the website to linguistics 201, section h, spring 2007. i'll be posting materials here, homework assignments, notes and general information and updates. so check back regularly, i'll try to keep things up-to-date, and let me know if you miss anything. see you in class!