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class meets mwf 12:20pm–1:10pm, machmer e-10
office hours tu 2pm-3:30pm and by appointment, south college 305

end of the semester


wednesday will be our last class - bring in questions you might have about the final. the final is due on monday, december 18. make sure to get it in before the main office closes, since i won't be around after monday.
today in class i handed out summaries of the scores i have from you so far. please make sure these are accurate, and let me know if not. if you haven't been in class today, please get in touch with me as soon as possible, to get this summary, and a copy of the final.
see you on wednesday.

optional last homework assignment


here's the optional homework (#10), which i promised to you. if you decide to turn it in, it will replace your second lowest score (the lowest one gets dropped automatically).

tree handout


related to homework nine, there's a handout on the representation of tree structures.

post-midterm homeworks


here are homework assignments seven, eight, and nine, for your reference.



as announced in class, we'll have a midterm on wednesday 10-25, during the usual class time. it will be open notes, and the format will be similar to the homeworks.

to prepare, go over the homeworks (i'll return #6 on monday), and see whether you can answer the practice questions. monday will be a question and review session.

homework assignment six


here is a link to homework assignment number six, the last one before the mid-term.

homework assignment five


homework assignment four


homework assignment three, with notes


here is also homework assignment number three, due on wednesday.
question number three might still be confusing - what i want you to do, is finding sounds of english that you make with your articulators in a particular place. i've given you the particular classes of sounds you can make. your answer could look like this: bilabial sounds (that's the name of the class of sounds: bilabial = made with your two lips touching): [b] as in belly, [p] as in pie, and [m] as in minnesota. this would be the answer - list three different bilabial sounds, that is sounds that you make with your two lips touching.
this schematic picture of your articulators that i mentioned in class today will help you. it also has a few example words on the bottom that you can use to find your answers.

homework assignment two


sorry i haven't updated for a while. here is homework assignment number two, for reference.

pinker, words and rules


background reading
this is a background reading on the topic we will discuss today, the acquisition of irregular past tense forms by children, and they way they discover and overgeneralize the –ed rule.

materials from the first two classes


welcome to linguistics 201


i'll post class materials and updates on this site, and sometimes additional readings. if you would like to see anything else here, just let me know.